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The Blockchain GODS
We work to meet all of your WEB3 development and marketing needs -
Big Or Small We Can Do It All.
The Blockchain Gods development has over 3 years of development in their portfolio as a team. Individually, our full stack developers, back-end and web3 developers, website developers and solidity developers have over 30+ years of combined experience both in Web3, Web2 and fin-tech.
The Blockchain Gods covers every area from impact marketing (celebrities, billboards, ad placement) to direct crypto influencer marketing on Telegram, Discord and Twitter! We have over 4 years of marketing experience, from guerilla 'degen' launch campaigns to high-budget 'Blue Chip' projects.
Design & Art
Our lead User Interface and NFT designer is an established artist with life-time experience doing live art exhibitions from Spain to Venezuela. We also have artists for Logos, stickers, memes, banners, advertisement (billboards, website ads, fliers). All designs will cater to your needs and represent your project's brand well!
Shilling & assistance
We offer both organic shilling on ALL platforms (with proof of work shown the entire time), a full team of moderators for discord and telegram, social media specialists, community organizers (raid leaders) and we can even offer an advisory partnership to assist your project from start to the moon.
Service List
Everything you need - A 1 stop Web3 shop
Coding, Development and Community Building
  • Custom private raise/ICO launchpads
  • Custom staking contracts and dApps
  • Factory staking contracts and dApps— allows other projects to pay you for staking pools (all automated)
  • Custom NFT mint dApp that can accept multiple tokens (eg: ETH and your native token).
Promotion service
  • CMC/CG assistance
  • Dextools updates for improving DEXTscore
  • Billboards in all 50 states
  • NYC QR code campaign
  • Tier 1 Telegram KOL channel support
  • Tier 1 Twitter infleuncer channel support
  • Tier 1-4 CEX listings
  • Market making for CEX
  • Posts in @TheBlockchainGods, Discord.gg/TheBlockchainGods, Twitter.com/BlockchainGods_
  • NFT staking contracts and dApp. Adjustable APR, lock time, and rewards.
  • NFT marketplace
  • Factory NFT staking contracts and dApps—allows other projects to pay you for staking pools (all automated)
  • Website design
  • Custom telegram bots
  • Custom logos, stickers or promotional art and videos
Projects done
We offer a variety of crypto related
services, stickers, contracts, web development and launch assistance.
Pristine reputation, which we are very proud of. We respect every client and work untill all the goals achieved.
Trusted clients
Creative and professional people on our side. We will delever services at highest level.
Team members
Listed as GemPad trusted
developer and marketer.
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